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Astrology in our 21st Century – Honoring our traditions while moving into our futures.

• Evolutionary
• Transformative
• Liberating

Path Guide Astrology endeavors to blend the intuitive, holistic and spiritual
with the rational, humanistic and purposeful.

“It is through the intensification of our experience of nature that her spiritual dimension is revealed.” – J. W. Goethe

Enfolded within our life are the various experiences and realities that are our journeys. I’ve discovered that Astrology is a multi-level, development field that reveals those pathways, maps, techniques and timings that emerge when we choose to activate our unique life potentials. As a richly decorated cloth reveals it’s patterns, colors, textures and intricacies when opened fully, our consciousness also experiences it’s exhilarations, depths, pleasures, and drives when our focus and intention explores our own uniqueness. This process liberates energy, which moves towards enriching and expanding all our relations–relations with our self, our partners, our goals and our activities.

And as a cloth’s overall patterns become hidden when our activities rumple and gather it together in various places by overwhelming struggles, disorienting crises, self-obstructing behaviors and even by intentional strengthening techniques, so too can we lose sight of the pattern of our life’s meaning and purpose. Ah! Even so, it’s at just such times that we can experience a shortening of the distance between one element of our pattern and a corresponding element in our pattern. Like the connecting of root–to blossom–to seed, these times can increase opportunities of life experiences and expand revelations of extraordinary value, ensuring continuing development in our new cycles. To everything, there is a season.

“Although science stops at the borders of logic, nature does not. It blossoms even where no theories have as yet penetrated.” – C. G. Jung

Resource on Astrology’s History: Robert Hand, “The History of Astrology–Another View”

Path Guide Astrology provides a full range of in-depth astrological services through:

confidential in-person and telephone consultations
creative workshops
engaging lectures and seminars
instructive classes
stimulating articles
informative public events
selective fund-raising activities

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